AFE Firmware Introduction

Hi, I’m still writing documentation in English. Here is a polish one. Try to google-translate it until EN is not fully completed or drop me a question at the forum


AFE Firmware is an alternative software for devices built on the ESP8266 or ESP8285 chip, such as Sonoff. A device with AFE Firmware can be controlled by openHAB, Domoticz, Domotiga, HomeAssistant and probably by many other home automation systems which support HTTP or MQTT integration.

So far I’ve tested it with those devices

  • Sonoff Basic
  • Sonoff SV
  • Sonoff Smart Socket S20
  • Sonoff Touch
  • Sonoff TH16
  • Sonoff 4CH
  • Geekcreit 4CH
  • AFE is not compatible with Sonoff Dual

You can design your own hardware with ESP8266/ESP8285 chip and install AFE Firmware.

I used following principles while designing and developing this firmware:

  • a device should be controlled by well-known industry protocols: I used HTTP and MQTT
  • integration mechanisms should be as open as possible: so it could be integrated with as many of home automation systems as possible
  • fit for purpose: I decided not to create one firmware supporting tons of sensors and functionalities but I designed it in such a way that it’s possible to create many version of AFE Firmware supporting dedicated needs only
  • logic should be in a home automation system: I strongly believe that home automation devices should be controlled by the home automation system which should be the central place for controlling and monitoring of our house.  It means in my firmware you won’t find a lot of build in extra functions – with some exceptions 😉

Before you decided to install AFE Firmware, and especially if you are a beginner, read the documentation first.

I still need to create docs in EN. Until it’s not available then feel free to contact  me

Here you will find current versions of AFE Firmware.

If you don’t find what you need, let me know, I need some inspiration for new features.

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